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About School

Tender Hearts School was started on 12th September 1986 by Sri Ram Memorial Society for the promotion of education. The founder Principal of T.H.S. is Mrs. Roopa Khanna. Mrs. Khanna has specialization of more than 40 years in child psychology and in methods of childhood adaption to academics. Her contribution to the cause of education has been immense. This school began as a Nursery School consisting of one section of Pre-Nursery, one section of Nursery and one section of K.G. Pressure for admissions necessitated the opening of one class every year.

  • T.H.S Kursi Road Branch has been granted affiliation by the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi in 2014.

About Us

Our Mission

The mission of Tender Hearts School is to provide high quality educational opportunities to enable its students to become responsible, productive citizens and enthusiastic life long learners. T.H.S. through its educational programmes, promotes intellectual curiosity and creative expression, values, diversity and measures success by ones personal development and contribution to the society. At T.H.S, we nurture students to become academically excellent, preparing them for today and inspiring them for tomorrow by creating a stimulating child-centered environment. We believe in continual improvement by dynamic benchmarking thus bringing T.H.S at par with the best in education industry.

Our Vision

The management of T.H.S. strongly believes that it is very important to lay strong base and foundation in a child’s formative years by instilling 5 R's (1.Respect for parents-Behavioral Development, 2. Respect for teachers-Educational Development, 3. Respect for Society-Moral and Social Development, 4.Respect for Nation-Developing National Leadership, 5. Respect for Self- Self-realization) so as to give him/her a secure future and thus developing an individual who is-

  • Confident, well mannered, articulate, happy and with high self-esteem.
  • Academically strong, being able to diagnose his/her own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Talented and resourceful in many ways.
  • Fluent in spoken English with a rich vocabulary, proper pronunciation and expression.
  • Able to distinguish right from wrong, conscious of others and service oriented.

Thus, we emphasize on the holistic development of the child.

    Our Values

  • Confident, well mannered, articulate, happy and with high self-esteem.
  • Our guiding principle : ‘Every child is unique.’
  • Our focus: ‘To prepare respectful and responsible global citizens.’
  • Our belief: ‘To teach is to touch lives forever.’



Chairman's Message

Mr. Harsh Khanna

Tender Hearts School has been promoting educational excellence for almost three decades now. As a premier educational institution it has created a niche in the field of education which meets all prospective parents' expectations. We are known as a friendly and caring educational community, which values a holistic approach to education. We, as adults, have all been seeking ways to impart the best educational experience to our children.

"A Good School" is the place which not only provides children with formal education but also prepares them to meet global challenges in life. Tender Hearts School is the final destination where you will find, the integration of academic excellence with co-curricular activities. We aim to deliver an international education beyond the limits. While creating a harmonious multi cultural learning environment, we give equal importance to the students of all backgrounds and nationalities, all races and religions.

Tender Hearts School will offer an educational experience which will facilitate a child to play a leading role in tomorrow's society. Our program allows every child to be known as an individual, and to be encouraged and challenged accordingly. While we have high expectations, we believe every child can succeed, as our talented teachers encourage students to grow and develop to their full potential.

We believe that a curriculum of excellence with a global dimension is central to the education of children to face challenges of the 21st century with confidence. The selection of the right school is one of the most important decisions you must make.

It is my great pleasure, that I invite you to our school and feel for yourselves the ethos and ethics of our school.

Mrs. Roopa Khanna

Education is more about application of knowledge than mere gathering the information. Our children need to be armed with the power of distinguishing between the right and wrong, with the ability to demarcate knowledge attained and wisdom gained, through education. The rigorous academic program, wide array of sporting and non-sporting co-curricular options, outward bound activity provides ample opportunity for students to acquire essential leadership skills.

We value decorum, courtesy, self-discipline and honesty because the world values these virtues as strengths that will help students rise above the pack and achieve respect in their chosen fields. We believe that children should be encouraged to aim high and be guided to do their best in everything they do. While focusing on their areas of interest, every learning experience should help them explore new possibilities and new ways. We will foster global mindedness through interactions with organizations, institutions and universities around the world. We nurture the talent in each child so as to develop them as confident communicators.

Parents aspire to provide the best of learning opportunities to their children with a firm foundation in knowledge, skills and values. Parents, therefore, are integral to the realization of our goals, and their overwhelming trust in what we do has always been a great inspiration. We look forward to build a culture of excellence and embodiment of values.

We welcome you to Tender Hearts School, a world of learning in enjoyable ways, a world where every child is guided and stimulated to grow to his/her full potential. I invite parents and students to be a part of the THS family, sharing common ideas and aspirations through a proven challenging and enriching educational experience for our students.

Mr. Rishi Khanna

Tender Hearts School believes in building creative and dynamic leaders of tomorrow who will lead by example and richly contribute to our nation and to the world. We will be offering a unique blend of curricula that will enable easy transition of students from school to tertiary education anywhere in the world. We believe that, holistic education can be achieved by providing educational opportunities that synthesize internationally acclaimed educational practices with India's rich heritage. We have worked hard to accomplish this dream that we set for ourselves.

Our quest is to shape THS as an institution that we can be proud of. We believe that each of our student is a unique individual with equal potential to make a positive contribution to our school and society. We aim to provide the direction, counsel, and support that every student needs to reach his/her full potential.

With the strong belief that "schools are living organizations that influence lives" , we understand the needs of our students, and those of the society. I seek your support and collaboration in shaping tomorrow's India. Let's come together and move ahead with a vision for academic and human excellence.

I am certain that this temple of learning will help the students to grow. I am sure that every child admitted to the school will find a warm, friendly and supportive atmosphere. We look forward to welcome your child to Tender Hearts School.

Dr. Rashmita Khanna

To be spiritually conscious, socially responsible and morally upright is the core dimension of Tender Hearts School's vision of education. We know that success is not a destination but a journey believing in the philosophy that victory belongs to the most persevering. When it comes to success, I believe that close monitoring of students is a vital component.

The feel at THS is a unique, friendly environment where all students are able to develop both academically and personally. "Praise the children and they will blossom". The focus is on encouraging the children and satisfying their inquistive minds through concept clarity. We take pride in developing their talents, boosting their confidence and enhancing their skills that prepare them for a bright future.

We deem it our proud privilege to have a legacy of more than 30 years in the field of education and in the years to come to serve our nation by lighting & igniting this power of knowledge in the mind and soul of each and every THSitian that comes our way.